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>The great hero Alakoring Dragonbreaker defeated Drang
>the Storm Dragon and proved that Orlanth was not a dragon. He seized
>lands in Dragon Pass as his own and many believed that he sought to
>restore the Kingdom of the Heortlings. Had it not been for a cowardly
>Aldryami arrow, he assuredly could have.

Was rereading through Griffin Mountain last night, and came across the
fact that the elves of the Elder Wilds in particular supported the EWF. I
never understood Alakoring's conflict with Tobosta Greenbow before: it
seems likely to me that Tobosta Greenbow was an EWF supporter who escaped
the doom of the EWF, and killed Alakoring in revenge, or perhaps to
prevent him from marching north into Balazar and the Elder Wilds to kill
the elves, as Arkat's army had done centuries ago after the fall of the
Broken Council.

Joerg says, out of context:
>Thus, it is possible (though not very probable) that some of Palangio's
>troops were stationed among the Leftarmer allies and helped keep back
>Praxians. These _might_ even have been precursors of the Sun Dome

Well, actually they would not have been "precursors" -- I have been
convinced that there were Sun Dome Temples even in the First Age, though
they were very dissimilar in many ways from the modern ones. And their
deity would not have been named Yelmalio. Look for more information to
appear in Enclosure II this summer.

Joerg on Arkat
>I guess he earned his Illumination when he had killed Nysalor and Gbaji.

>If it _was_ Arkat who emerged... Arkat the Deceiver, anyone?

While, the existing "canon" says that he was illuminated as a child on
Brithos by the elves which lived there. Though this does seem a bit
difficult to me, seeing as how Nysalor hadn't been created yet. Perhaps
this is evidence that Arkat's mode of illumination was different from

Peter Metcalfe:
>Looking at Uz Lore, I note
>that the map of Second Age Slontos shows that some parts of it are
>already flooded compared to the map of First Age Slontos (and it's not
>a mistake for the 3rd age map shows more complete flooding). I wonder
>what happened? Did Arkat burst the dykes?

Good catch. Another possibility is that the native Slontans themselves
burst some of the dykes, to try to keep Palangio from conquering the
land. It didn't work, if they did it, but I can see them being desperate
enough to. And of course, the sea took the opportunity it was given and
claimed a lot more land than the Slontans probably would have liked.

Dave Dunham, most recently
>> >Another name is strange : Barbarian Town.
>> >Why would the Orlanthi or the Pol-Joni found a city with such a name?
>> I think it's the Orlanthi referring to the Poljoni as barbarians.

>Given that the Pol Joni are Orlanthi (they're one of the tribes of
>after all), it might be the Praxians referring to the Pol Joni as
>barbarians (and "town" would also be an insult, perhaps a translation of

Also, given the early confusion in RuneQuest between the words
"barbarian" and "nomad" (i.e., the Praxians were called mounted
barbarians, the article in Cults of Prax on their deities is labeled
"Barbarian Gods", etc.), perhaps this is an error, and it really should
have been called "Nomad Town", for the fact that many nomads had settled

>Or it could be a bunch of Oasis Folk.

I don't think so, though it could be, since it is on the regular ley
lines of Prax.

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