Illumination and Empire

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Date: Mon 09 Feb 1998 - 00:40:07 EET

Howdy -

My British alter-ego, Nick Brooke, (or is that my shadow-self) writes:

NB>I leave this possibility open for those who prefer that *all* the Great
Empires of Gloranthan History were run by Illuminates, a camp in which
I myself do not stand.

Nor I. I certainly don't think the leaders of the EWF were Illuminates.
 Those highest within the pyramid scheme might have been draconicised to
the point that they were no longer recognizable as "human" (for instance,
Drang the Storm Dragon), but not illuminated. Besides, as we all know, the
inner wisdom for the Orlanthi is divine inspiration - not illumination. :)

NB>Since, however, IMG the God Learner Secret is *not* Illumination, nor
the God Learners themselves routinely Illuminated (though some may have
been), I find myself concluding that one "Inner Secret of the Arkat Cult"
the God Learners did *not* wrest from them was the secret that Arkat
himself,and his followers in the cult that ran the Dark Empire, were Ill

I fully agree - however, the awkwardness of the paragraph demonstrates to
me the semantic weakness of terms like "Illumination" and "God Learner
Secret". It seems that such words are bracket terms to encompass many
similar but not synonomous Gloranthan concepts. On the other hand, since
Illumination is a mystic experience which is best describe through
circuitous riddles and the God Learners' Secret, is, well, a now unknowable
Secret, perhaps this is for the best.

>I find it easy to interpret this as "Slontos" rather than "the
>whole region west from Kethaela, including those belligerent and hostile
>Entruli and Pralori who hadn't previously embraced the Lightbringers'
>message." But YGMV. Clearly the inhabitants of Slontos were not Light-
>bringer worshippers before 115 ST, whatever the passage means.

Once again, I fully agree with Nick and I look forward to his rumored
write-up of the wacky Wenelians.



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