Nick on Nysalor.

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Mon 09 Feb 1998 - 02:26:16 EET

"Nicknameless Nick" Brooke commented:
> While I agree with Joerg's quibbles about whether "Arkati Illumination"
> is or is not identical to "Nysalor Illumination", the fact remains that
> the two look exactly the same to both Arkati (St. Arkat's Blessing) and
> Illuminates (special ability to recognise other Illuminates)

I think Joerg understates the case for Quibbling, rather than
exaggerates it. As I've previously reported, I was once rather acutely
Gregged for being so sloppy as to even use the terms "Arkati" and
"Illumination" in the same sentence. Said FGS has also pretty much
disclaimed most aspects of the published Illumination rules, over and
above the usual hazards of reverse-engineering Gloranthan Truth from
Chaosium Game Mechanics. For my money, said fact seems a fairly
insecure supposition, though to be fair, about the best one can do
on current Official Evidence.

> while our
> sources explicitly raise the spectre of Arkat's own Illumination.

Indeedy. Even taking this as unqualifiedly true, however, doesn't
necessarily imply that any subsequent "Arkati" were Illuminated per
se. After all, they pretty much have a built-in imperative to be
as distinct from (Nysalorian) Illumination as possible (insofar as
this _is_ metaphysically possible, which is an admittedly large

Another complication is of course the parlous state of "modern" Arkat
cults, bedraggled and mutually heretical as they are, and often, I
suspect, having little or nothing to do with the original "Arkati Way"
in the sense of this discussion. Hence speculation about them is at
least one further remove from whatever was actually the case of Arkat's
immediate cronies and successors.

Of course, YG(reg)MV.



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