Second Age Teshnos and God Learners

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Date: Mon 09 Feb 1998 - 02:38:26 EET

Kevin Rose:

>My understanding was that the "God Learner" movement grew out of the
>studies of the material looted from the Arkat cult after the Silver
>Alliance plundered the central temple of the Arkat cult. The period that
>the God Learners started up was also the same period that the Jrusteli
>commercial empire really got rolling. Is this sequence wrong?

By the time the Dark Empire fell and some of its major secrets
plundered (in 740 ST*), the God Learners had already defeated
the Waertagi (in 718 ST), controlled Umathela (colonized after
600 ST and deforested in 654 ST) and Fronela (conquered in 725
ST). So while the discovery of creative heroquesting was a real
prize for the God Learners, they were already capable of great
things before this.

*Interestingly enough, the Sog City Guidebook depicts a Dark
Empire around 821 ST. I suppose that when the Genertela Book
describes Ralios as being severely oppressed by the God Learner
Monks around 825, the final vestiges of the Dark Empire had
been destroyed and incorporated.

Vesa Lehtinen:

Me>>Also the Isle of Trowjang is shown being allied to the God Learners.

>That probably means that Trowjang was also, at the time, under the rule
>of New Dragon's Ring.

I, myself, have doubts over whether Trowjang and Teshnos were controlled
by the New Dragon's Ring. I prefer to think they were states that owed
allegiance to the God-Learner Emperor.

Although I should have realized from the mention of Araslithos the
Sage in the Amazons boxed article, that they had a more sophisticated
culture in the past.

>However, IMO, the situation with Tolat and Trowjangi has been somewhat too,
>ahem, convenient.

I agree. Something of the type that you suggest may have happened.
I think that Trowjang has a lot of rich tombs of these Tolat lords
and jungle-covered cities. Of course I'm heavily influenced by
the _Sorcerer's Isle_ adventure in one of the Stormbringer Companions.
What it was like in the second age is an interesting question although
I try and avoid the (dire) Wonder Women Parallel in favour of something
more exotic.

FWIW, I imagine Teshnos during this time was overrun by Sorcerous
Tiger-people and villanous Darklight Worshippers ruthlessly
maltreating the honest Teshnans. Serendip Melib is probably the
Taprobane (Sri Lanka) of Kalidasa in all its wonderous detail. A
good bibliography can be found in Arthur C. Clarke's 'The Foundations
of Paradise' (and, no, despite the title, it has nothing to do with
little boys). The Jungle of Fethlon may have been inhabited by a
scion of the House of Errinoru but I think they're gone now as no
replacements arrived after the Closing.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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