Thirteen colonies and Alakoring

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Date: Mon 09 Feb 1998 - 07:42:25 EET

Peter "Killer Kiwi" Metcalf writes:
>Thus the Jrusteli are given some ideas about Illumination and what
>it can do. In addition, they are in continual contact with the
>Waertagi until the twain fell out over the formation of the Jrusteli
>Confederation (with thirteen colonies!

OK action man, I'll buy off on this one if you name the thirteen Jrusteli
states. Naturally the battle flag of the Jrusteli would have had the
thirteen states represented - except in a triangle as opposed to a circle.

Steve "Big Bruiser" Martin writes:

>Was rereading through Griffin Mountain last night, and came across the
>fact that the elves of the Elder Wilds in particular supported the EWF. I
>never understood Alakoring's conflict with Tobosta Greenbow before: it
>seems likely to me that Tobosta Greenbow was an EWF supporter who escaped
>the doom of the EWF, and killed Alakoring in revenge, or perhaps to
>prevent him from marching north into Balazar and the Elder Wilds to kill
>the elves, as Arkat's army had done centuries ago after the fall of the
>Broken Council.

This would make quite a bit of sense - except that I strongly suspect that
Alakoring operated at least a century before the EWF fell - I believe that
he was a contemporary of the Two Year Winter and probably was killed before
the EWF's version of the Battle of the Bulge in 947. Further it does
conflict with the few sources we have on Alakoring's life. Tobosto
Greenbow is described in WF as "a famous elf lord who led Aldryami armies
against the dragons at the end of the Second Age", which doesn't sound like
an EWF supporter. However, it is my experience that old, cryptic sources
are often wrong - or at least subject to wild revision. Your theory might

still be correct.



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