Missing Maps, Slontos maps

From: Stephen Martin (ilium@juno.com)
Date: Mon 09 Feb 1998 - 08:28:19 EET

MOB responding to Erik on the missing Haunted Ruins map:
>I have had several of the Aussie Tales subbers ask me about this over
>years. It might be nice if the missing maps (from RQ2 Trollpak) were put
>on Chaosium's Glorantha page, what say you Shannon/Stephen?

Well, I had been planning for quite some time to publish them in The Book
of Drastic Resolutions: Volume Darkness, but recently decided not to,
thinking that this issue ws so old that it was pretty mucy irrelevant. I

guess I was wrong.

Given that some people don't have web access, and that others will not
buy copies of Drastic: Darkness when it comes out (the curs!), would it
be too much to put the map in both places? Of course, the Web Page
pasting would be much sooner, and might render a Drastic printing
irrelevant for certain.

As long as Greg does not have a problem putting this map up, I will bow
to the collective wisdom of the Digest on where it is best placed.

On the subject of Haunted Ruins, I have a question, mostly towards Sandy,
but anyone can chime in: who wrote the material which was added to
Haunted Ruins? The original printing of this in the first Trollpak only
went up to location number 86; Haunted Ruins goes up to #129. Was this
section added by Chaosium, or by Avalon Hill?

Shannon responds to Peter:
>>up something else that I just noticed. Looking at Uz Lore, I note
>>that the map of Second Age Slontos shows that some parts of it are
>>already flooded compared to the map of First Age Slontos (and it's not
>>a mistake for the 3rd age map shows more complete flooding). I wonder
>>what happened? Did Arkat burst the dykes?

>Two great sinkings. The first occurred in the Darkness, alledgedly
>because the peoples broke certain pledges to their god. The second
>occurred in the Second Age due to the closing.

As I understood Peter, his point was that there seemed to be a _third_
sinking, which occurred between these two. Although dates are not
specified on the maps in Trollpak, looking at them makes it clear to me
that Peter is correct in this regard. The amount of sinking sometime
during the Second Age seems small, but could have been significant.
Perhaps the dykes were loosed by the Slontans to prevent Palangio's
armies from linking up with the Nysaloran armies which may have been in
Ralios at the same time?

Stephen Martin
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