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From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Mon 09 Feb 1998 - 11:24:27 EET

David Cake:

> I've been trying to track down a half-remembered reference to the
>Forest of Disease, and the Acid Lakes, both Pamaltelan Chaos nests. Can
>anyone identify the source for me? I was able to find a reference the
>Alkali Lakes, which are presumably another reference to the Acid Lakes, in
>Lords of Terror.

        'Some Evil Gods

        These gods only dominate in smaller places wholly given over to
        chaos and evil - Dorastor, the Forest of Disease (in Laskal),
        or the Acid Lakes of Southern Zamokil.'
                                RQIII paperback p245.

Interestingly enough, I note that the text for this article and the
prosopaedia has been updated on the glorantha pages. For instance,
the Sky Gods now include Shargash and Antirius, the Earth Gods are
now Pamaltelan (with Faranar replacing Ernalda), Gods of the East and
Gods of Nature (for Elves) are added. Some of the text appears to
be from Gods of Glorantha.

The additions to the prosopaedia appear to be coat-of-arms for some
more Malkioni folklore figures and additional details in the iconography

for some Kralori Emperors and figures (Aptanace is associated with a
spider, frex).

Jeff Richard:

Me>>In addition, they are in continual contact with the
>>Waertagi until the twain fell out over the formation of the Jrusteli
>>Confederation (with thirteen colonies!

>OK action man, I'll buy off on this one if you name the thirteen Jrusteli
>states. Naturally the battle flag of the Jrusteli would have had the
>thirteen states represented - except in a triangle as opposed to a circle.

Crandress [ER p15] Dodgy IMO.
Eradinthanos [G:CotHW#1 p24]
Isefwal [ES p35]
Irenstos [ES p31]
Tyskander [ES p31]

[frantically flipping through sources...]


[Action Man crawls away in agonizing pain after only getting 5/13th of
the way through a brick wall...]

- --Peter Metcalfe


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