100+ private Glorantha/RQ sites available

From: Kim Englund (Kim.Englund@DataFellows.com)
Date: Mon 09 Feb 1998 - 17:17:56 EET


It's time for celebration! I have today counted the links available on my
site and the number of private peoples sites has gone over 100. In addition
to that, there are about 30 other links available. The URL is in my
signature below.

I have also started a new service. Whenever somebody announces about a
modification on their webpages I add that information to my Change page,
http://www.DataFellows.com/staff/kim/rq/rqchange.htm. The information stays
there as long as I have the site modified. Go and check it out!

It would help me if more of you would mail me when you have updated your
pages, as want to keep the information as accurate as possible. If I only
notice a difference in your page and you haven't mailed me, I cannot tell
what has changed to your pages and therefore it won't be visible on the
Change page



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