Gloranthan Weekly questions and comments

From: Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener (
Date: Tue 10 Feb 1998 - 07:32:06 EET

A few answers and notes. Be aware that nearly anything I say may be
changed/corrected by Shannon, at a moment's notice.

Michael Raaterova & Stephen Martins' exchange on submitting directly to the

Unless Shannon objects, I will not refuse any article sent to me directly.
After all, the only criteria for acceptence are that the article concern
itself with Glorantha in some way and that it be complete.

That said, I would encourage any piece to be sent to the Digest first. Why
pass up on the instant gratification that the praise of your fellows on the
Digest offers?

Web Archive of the Weekly

Micheal Raaterova also sez:

>Since the Weeklies consist of nothing but gameable material they should
>also be archived somewhere immediately accessible. I have no doubts that
>people will keep personal Weekly archives on their web-pages but they
>should nevertheless be archived and indexed for easy access on the
>Glorantha origo on the web, the Glorantha site.

Nils Weinander has volunteered to offer space on his website for this
purpose as well. Nils, contact Shannon directly with this offer, please. As
Micheal notes, he may want to have this at another site.

Also, Shannon plans to have the Weekly mirrored to a newsgroup. This way,
all our Glorantha-poor neighbors in the RPG community may catch a glimpse
of alchemic literary gold we will be producing.

Micheal Raaterova also notes:
>Another related query: will complete articles from bygone years and ancient
>digests/dailies appear in the Weekly? Since there's a *lot* in the archives
>they could well be used as filler for the Weekly when new material is

This was my thought as well. Nick Brooke has suggested a wholescale culling
of previous Digests and Dailies for material, to be posted as soon as
possible. (Did I get that right, Nick?) I would like to wait a couple of
months, until I get my feet wet with the Weekly, before I begin this.

I seem to remember Loren Miller posting something to the effect that The
Archives on his website would slowly begin to disappear, as space
contraints closed in on them. Loren, could you post an update on this?
Should I get started on the Archive project immediately?

And Micheal O'Brien sez:

>May I also suggest an eminently gameable recent example was the Five Friends
>idea, by Jeff <> in v5 #391.

I thought that was a nice idea, myself. But I have decided to start the
Weekly with Digest #401.

However, if Jeff will repost it, and maybe expand it with scenario hooks
and ways each of the tribes treats the Five Friends differently, we could
satisfy both my sense of organization and our mutual appreciation of Jeff's

Additional Notes

Barring diaster, the first Weekly will be posted next Sunday night,
February 15. So far, there are three pieces, but hopefully there will soon
be many more.



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