Silver Empire

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Tue 10 Feb 1998 - 10:26:05 EET

Joerg Baumgartner:

Me>>I believe that the Collapse of the Silver Empire happened _after_
>>the Sunstop on the basis of Codex #2's mention that the Fronelan
>>states are beginning the process of political integration in 385 ST.
>>Why then and not when the Silver Empire fell?

>Because the fall of the Silver Empire was a period of disintegration,
>aka civil war?

And what does 'process of political integration' mean to you?
When King Orios died without an heir, a bunch of Tarshites tried
to re-establish the Tarshite Kingdom. Unfortunately for Tarsh,

they were their own worst enemies and the 'process' turned out
to be civil war. I believe something similar happened in Malkioni
Fronela. I think it's covered up by most Loskalmi as they have
had quite a few bitter disputes in the more recent past.

>Garrisons understaffed because the warriors have been
>taken away on a campaign against the old centre of the empire (in this
>case Brithos), and the barbarians on the border waiting to strike. Local
>potentates grabbing for power, allying with barbarians to beat Malkioni

>opponents... This could simmer for quite a while before a new order is

And IMO this would be a good description of Malkioni Fronela in the
years 385 to 650 ST (when Akem dissolves and Pomons joins Loskalm).
Of course there were quite a few nasty wars along the way.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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