Kingdom of Tanisor

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Date: Tue 10 Feb 1998 - 10:26:17 EET

Joerg Baumgartner:

Me>>I don't see why making people donate more power to the
>>leaders in Dorastor was an aim or mystery of the Nysalor Cult.

>I don't claim that it was a mystery of the Nysalor cult, but I think
>that it was an aim of the missionaries who came to the West curing this
>outbreak of disease.

I still disagree that the aim of the missionaries was to donate magic
points to Dorastor.

>>Secondly the affairs of the
>>Kingdom of Dari and Tanisor were independant of the Cult in
>>Dorastor so I do not think that the citizens of those lands
>>donated power to the Leaders in Dorastor.

>Is that true about Tanisor?

Tanisor and Dorastor lie on opposite sides of Dorastor. In
between is the Dari Alliance which is not part of the Empire
of Light. Therefore for the Dorastans to try and set up a
'colony' in Tanisor is bound to run into problems with the Dari

>To me it seems that the missionaries working in Seshnela had their own
>agenda, and while I don't believe their enemies' propaganda literally, I
>doubt that their motives were pure. The Vampire Kings of Tanisor did not

>come from nothing...

The Vampire Kings were created by the fear of Arkat IMO. The Empire
of Light was similarly blameless yet D:LoD comments:

        'The successes of Arkat in his approach to the heartland of
        peaceful Dorastor caused increasing alarm among the poplace
        and leaders. The people panicked, grasping desperately for
        any remedy, leaving themselves open to the Temptations of the
        dark side. Thus, ironically, Arkat himself transformed a
        hitherto blameless people into the corrupt empire he had sworn
        to destroy'
                        Dorastor: Land of Doom p9-10.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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