Re: Missing Maps

From: Erik Nolander (
Date: Tue 10 Feb 1998 - 13:05:49 EET


Stephen writes (on the missing Haunted Ruins-maps):
>Well, I had been planning for quite some time to publish them in The
>of Drastic Resolutions: Volume Darkness, but recently decided not to,
>thinking that this issue ws so old that it was pretty mucy irrelevant.
>guess I was wrong.
>Given that some people don't have web access, and that others will not
>buy copies of Drastic: Darkness when it comes out (the curs!), would it
>be too much to put the map in both places? Of course, the Web Page
>pasting would be much sooner, and might render a Drastic printing
>irrelevant for certain.

I would gladly buy Drastic: Darkness even it meant getting a map that's
already on a Web Page! So, I see no problem with putting the maps both
on the page and in Drastic: Darkness.

Erik Nolander

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