Questlines 2 in North America

From: Neil Robinson (
Date: Wed 11 Feb 1998 - 07:27:45 EET


The worst part about a vacation is dealing with all the work that has piled
up once you get back. GloranthaCon Down-Under 2 was a real success. Once
again I got to enjoy first-hand the hospitality of the Aussies: MOB, Andrew
Bean, Martin Dick, Hugh McVicker, Peter Tracey and everyone else that
helped deal with us surly foreigners. I will speak forever of their
generosity. Fall of the House of Malan and Life of Moonson both went
really well on their second running.

So, the "stonking good" Questlines 2 has now arrived in the North America -
Seattle, WA to be precise, and I am the man with the merchandise. If you
want it, I have it. Stocks are limited, so you if you delay too long you'll
have to wait until I get more shipped from Australia.

So how do you get it?

Simply send a check for $15 (US Funds) to "Neil Robinson" at the address
below, and I'll send it out as soon as I get your check. Or, you can wait
until May if you are heading to the LA con. Oh, and if you don't have a
copy of Enclosure yet, I'm selling them for $15 each as well. If you want
to pay in Canadian funds just let me know, and I still have a Canadian bank
account too.

Neil Robinson
2650 NW 58th St #1
Seattle, WA 98107

Until my take-over of the North American Tales subscriptions is complete,
I'm afraid that I don't have any information on your account status.


Neil Robinson
TOTRM Megacorp North American Rep


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