Ecology of Dryads

From: Giles Hill (
Date: Wed 11 Feb 1998 - 15:33:00 EET

Hi all,

I been having some thoughts about dryads and nature spirits in general,
in preperation for an encounter I intend to run in Prax/ROC.

How likey do people believe any of the following:

Dryads rarely/cannot live without some close contact with other
Aldryami(sp), Elves or Runners. That perhaps their ecology even requires
such a thing. Dryads rarely if ever live in isolation. Dryads must live
near to active Aldryami communities, or where such communities used to be.

I find it hard to believe that a Dryad could be found in Prax/ROC outside
of the Garden in Pavis and I'm looking for some justification of just

I want to bounce some of these ideas around befor I write up the
encounter including the history/justification for it.

Thanks, Giles



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