Re: Seshnegi and Jrusteli

From: Shannon Appel (
Date: Wed 11 Feb 1998 - 20:40:15 EET

>>>We know that as early as 573 the God
>>>Learners were able to rob the secret of Draconic Speech from the
>>>barbarian cult of Drolgard, a cult they had no mythic relation to.
>>There's no indication that they did it by creative heroquesting.
>>All it says is that it was accomplished in a spirit raid.

>That's another word for a "I rob your powers" HQ. If the usual Western
>style of HQing is to bypass nameless guardians to rip off powers from
>nameless opponents, the accuracy with which the Jrusteli ripped the
>draconic speech from Drolgard seems a bit suspicious.

The writeup in the Genertela box is really misleading because it
claims the God Learners, which didn't exist yet, used powers that they
didn't have access to at the time.

A group of Jrusteli definitely stole the secret of Draconic Speech in
573 but they weren't the God Learners at the time, and thus weren't
that advanced in Hero Plane manipulation. They did it the old
fashioned way, by joing cults under false pretenses and/or paying
people pieces of silver to betray their cult secrets. There was *lots*
of these going on in Kethaela after the Only Old One made the mistake
of inviting them to settle, and likely elsewhere in the world too.



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