Glass Technology

Date: Wed 11 Feb 1998 - 19:23:47 EET

Richard Develyn:

<<What is the state of play with glass in Glorantha?>>

     I don't think there's been much officially said on this topic, so I guess
it's up to the GM. I see no reason to assume that glass-making technology
among humans has followed a radically different path that it did in reality,
so at best we're talking Renaissance equivalent, and that only in limited
'civilised' areas, such as Safelster, Kralorela and maybe Dara Happa.

    For a summary of RW glass-making technology from around the 10th-16th
centuries, see my web-site at, which also contains
stuff on other medieval/renaissance technologies as well as the specifically
Gloranthan (etc.) pieces.

 <<The earth parallel, BTW, was that flat clear glass did not appear until
1670 or so, the first sextants (sp?) were 1740.>>

     Sextants are rather older than that, actually. German astronomer Johannes
Hevelius is said to have built an observatory containing a wopping 6 foot
sextant in 1641. I believe your date is about right for the portable kind,

<< Are dwarves interested in glass?>>

     Lead dwarves specialise in glassmaking as well as plumbing, and even have
a 'Stabilise Glass' spell which can render glass shatter-proof for the
duration of the magic. (Well, actually, with 6 armour points, you could
shatter it if you really went it it with a big hammer, but it would be
difficult to break accidentally).
     I would expect the dwarves to be able to do pretty sophisticated things
with glass if they really wanted to. I should think they can make large sheets
of flat glass, but not in large enough quantities to bother selling it to
anyone else, even at their inflated prices.

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