Serpent Kings and Hrelar Amali

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Date: Wed 11 Feb 1998 - 23:58:53 EET

Joerg Baumgartner:

[This post's topic is on the Serpent Kings and the City of Hrelar Amali]

>>>The Compendium doesn't exactly say that it were the Serpent Kings who
>>>built the temples. From what I recall out of hand from Hrestol's Saga,
>>>the late Serpent King dynasty were hardly an efficient gouvernment.

Me>>The New Hrestoli Way were closing down the Temples so they couldn't
>>have erected the shrines.

>The New Hrestoli closed the temples to Seshna Likita, it seems, but they
>don't seem to have been uncontested.

It doesn't specify the temples were dedicated to Seshna Likita when
they were closed down.

>>Furthermore the Dangan confederacy were occupying Hrelar Amali
>>around 132 ST and there's no indication that they were displaced by
>>the Seshnegi from Hrelar Amali after that.

>The Dangan confederacy collapsed around 160 ST, leaving ample room for
>Seshnegi entrepeneurs to establish themselves there only to be thrown
>out by the Dari confederation.

Surprisingly no mention of this is made in the Broken Council

>>So IMO the Seshnegi occupied Hrelar Amali sometime during the first
>>century which removes your objection about the weak government of the late
>>Serpent Kings.

>My objection to this first century date comes from their problems with
>the Pendali/Basmoli who were not overcome before 105 ST (when some still
>remained in Arolanit, but the peninsula proper had been conquered). Even
>after that time, the modern duchy of Nolos was not yet part of Seshnela,
>but was inhabited by some Tanier valley people (possibly Enerali or
>Basmoli, or another "Hsunchen" people lost in the mists of time because
>they took civilisation too serious before the Seshnegi recorded their
>bestial origins).

One can expand into Safelster without bothering to subdue Arolanit
or Nolos. This appears to be the path of expansion favoured by
King Guilmarn and King Ulianus III (although he may have controlled

>The NHW still may have allowed "temples" where specialized wizards had
>better chances to coerce appropriate otherworld beings.

In which case they would have torn down the Temples to Flamal and
Xentha there. But they simply added Temples to Orlanth and Magasta

- --Peter Metcalfe


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