Undead and Dryads

From: James Frusetta (gerakkag@wam.umd.edu)
Date: Thu 12 Feb 1998 - 04:49:53 EET

EBWE Engineering wrote:

> How closely is the world of the Undead linked to Chaos?
I don't think they're _inherently_ linked; since ZZ, at least, has a link
to Undead but not to chaos (unless -- and unwritten -- he stole that power
from Chaos).

> I'm of two minds over this. First is that an element of Chaos causes
> Undead to exists.

IMO, there are different things in Glorantha that can create the same
end-product undead, like a Zombie.

One is the chaotic thing that shouldn't be -- some cosmic horrible mistake
that creates an undead. Sorcery's deliberate creation of undead, doesn't
seem chaotic to me -- more like computer programming. Zorak Zorani, IMO &

IMG, are essentially stuffing spirits in corpses to create undead (yeah,
that's not what RQ3 says, but I think the rules for the ZZ divine spells
are broken both mechanically and "thematically").

Then there are more "natural" forms of undead, IMO, like ghosts, that
are created by certain events rather than by deliberate action or chaos.

Giles Hill wrote:

>Dryads rarely/cannot live without some close contact with other
>Aldryami(sp), Elves or Runners. That perhaps their ecology even requires
>such a thing. Dryads rarely if ever live in isolation. Dryads must live
>near to active Aldryami communities, or where such communities used to
Sounds logical to me -- they at least need elves around to continue making
more Dryads.

>I find it hard to believe that a Dryad could be found in Prax/ROC outside
>of the Garden in Pavis and I'm looking for some justification

Well, bits of the forest may have escaped destruction before the Dawn, and
the surviving bits may only be large enough to hold a Dryad or two. Since
there's elven communities nearby in the Redwood Forest and the Garden, the
Dryads could interact with those communities on a regular basis. Parties
of elves could venture forth to interact with 'em on the important holy
days of Aldrya. They wouldn't be completely _normal_ Dryads, perhaps.

Probably not more than one or two such cases out there, IMO (the Praxians
would want the wood). A fun game hook, though.

Say, that begs the question -- do only the woody, moldy, waterlogged and
ferny plants have elves? No cactus elves? :) _There's_ the right kind of
Dryad for Prax!


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