Addendum to Metsylan Enlightenment.

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 12 Feb 1998 - 08:20:18 EET

I have just remembered that CoT has some schtick on whether
Enlightenment=Illumination and whether the God Learners knew
of Illumination etc. The ... and the [ ] are in the original.

'In Kralori ... [philosophy] considers all creation a
        mistake, or at least that it is a mistake to worship it
        or consider it real. [There] Gbaji is known as a great
        psychic liberator, since Illumination frees the person
        from entanglements with the world.'

'The Kralori preference or acknowledgement of one of the
        chaos gods is a dilemma which has plagued or delighted
        foreign visitors. Those who wish to save the Kralori from
        their godless ways are balked because the people often
        wholeheartedly embrace that god yet stoutly resist other
        chaos creatures and temptations. Most foreign exploiters
        claim that they are freeing the land from its archetypal
        enemies, though conditions will be worse for the people
        they rule than for those they have not yet conquered'.
                                        Cults of Terror p47.

So the enlightenment of Metsyla is pretty much identifiable as
Nysaloran Illumination to foreigners. Whether this was an urban
legend that the Kralori didn't understand the implication of or
a result of actual metaphysical investigations is unknown. I
do believe that the Seshnegi invaders are one of those foreign
exploiters referred to.
However to plagiarize from FGS's plagiarization of Alex (via Alex),
I think that "some Metsylans have experiences which allow them to act
in ways recognized as being similar, if not the same, as the ways that
Illuminants act." But they are not illuminated.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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