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From: Nils Weinander (
Date: Thu 12 Feb 1998 - 09:36:42 EET

Nikk Effingham:

>What can people tell me about Metsyla? More importantly, what can
>people tell me about Metsylan Illumination.

Peter pointed out the weakness of Metsylan Enlightenment and

> Whether enlightenment is different to Arkatism or Illumination is
> an interesting question and the answer is probably yes. But since
> the game rules for Illumination are inadequate and no rules for
> Arkatism exist, I can't really quantify the differences.

I think the best description of Illumination is the lunar
one: finding your seventh part, divinity within the self.

I think Enlightenment is the same thing, but turned 180
degrees around: finding yourself in the divine. The lack
of closeness stems from seeing only yourself in the divine,
but not your fellow people.

> of their learning in favour of it. IMO this synthesis is represented
> in the game as the skill known as Charismatic Wisdom.

This sounds very plausible. I would add that the Path
of Immanent Mastery have lost track of the original
source and purpose of Charismatic Wisdom and now use
it mainly as a shortcut to what they believe are draconic
powers. Or perhaps the leaders of the Path know what
it really is, but pushes the (pseudo-)dragon powers
to recruit new converts.

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