Re: Nameless Western Thingies

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Thu 12 Feb 1998 - 13:04:53 EET

Dave Cake writes:

> The idea that Western heroquesters try not to name their opponents
> originates with Nick Brooke...

Thanks for ably summarising my position.

[In deference to Stephen P. Martin, I should mention that it's possible
that an exhaustive reading of the published and unpublished Staffordian
corpus might, at some point, turn up the word "Nameless" in a context
which could, with the benefit of hindsight, appear to lead one willy-
nilly down the path my homepage article has taken. Nevertheless, I feel
that nobody other than the remarkable Mr. Martin cares a jot or tittle
about this. But I would surely hate to harm his vision of Glorantha's
untrammelled purity by pretending to have any ideas of my own...]

On a more general ground, I think the idea of previous posters was that
Quests might exist in which (nameless) guardians are defeated, rather
than their being Nameless Guardians. Thus the Quest itself would take
much the same form, regardless of whether you're trying to get past
dragonewts, or barbarians, or Imperial Soldiers, in your attempt to
win the (nameless) treasures. The trouble with anything this "generic"
is that the *specifics* of the situation you are venturing into are
naturally more apposite than anything in your preparations: your enemy
can win just by "being themselves", as this is something you can't be
ready for -- your Quest works against nondescript guardians, but these
ain't they.



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