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>How closely is the world of the Undead linked to Chaos?
>I'm of two minds over this. First is that an element of Chaos causes
>Undead to exists. For the most part, I base this on the "It feels right"
>theory. On the other hand, I see the existence of Undead as a holdover
>from the Darkness when the dead wondered the world and were not yet sorted.
>Is there any right or wrong here?

In the Introduction to Glorantha there there is a of all the possible
Chaotic Creaturen from the Chreaturebook who may have Chaotic Features.
Only the Ghoul and the Vampire are listed here, and the Vampire has
no Chaotic Features at all. So I think that there is only a weak ling
beetween Undeat and Chaos. The Cult of Vivamort has a link with
Chaos, but Vivamort was an independent God in the Beginning and as I
see it was forsed by the devil to join his ranks, and if anybody
would offer him the opportunity to leave the reign of Chaos, he would
do so.

Vampire with
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