RE: Flat Glass

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Thu 12 Feb 1998 - 22:42:36 EET

Peter M.
>yes to Glass Ornaments and bottles, "bottle-glass" windows and clear
glass. Nope to flat glass windows and flat mirrors >although there are
hand held mirrors.
        Actually, Peter (and everyone else) if they have blown glass,
they can have flat glass, too -- all you need to do is blow out a large
bubble of glass against a metal plate -- the backside of the bubble is
flat, and presto! You have a flat plane, as soon as you cut away the
rest of the bubble. Of course, you can't make picture windows this way,
but you can make individual panes up to a foot or more across.
        And of course they have flat mirrors. They just don't use glass
for them. Glass? In a mirror? That's a pretty modern idea. They
naturally use polished metal mirrors, as has been done since Egyptian
times to very near the present. Just take a flat surface of silver,
bronze, copper, brass, etc., and scrub it to a high polish, and you end
up with a fine mirror. Silver is the best of course -- takes a high
polish, and doesn't add a color of its own to the mix, unlike bronze.


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