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From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Fri 13 Feb 1998 - 00:44:00 EET

Nils Weinander:

>> IMO this synthesis [of Yanooran-era Kralori Enlightenment and
>> God Learning] is represented in the game as the skill known as
>> Charismatic Wisdom.

>I would add that the Path
>of Immanent Mastery have lost track of the original
>source and purpose of Charismatic Wisdom and now use
>it mainly as a shortcut to what they believe are draconic
>powers. Or perhaps the leaders of the Path know what
>it really is, but pushes the (pseudo-)dragon powers
>to recruit new converts.

IMO the real cause of this cloud of unknowing that surrounds the
cultists and makes them unaware of the true meaning of the words
that they read, is that whenever the Mandarins spot a cultist that
has some understanding, they 'act quickly, working to suppress,
oust, or promote the priest to a position of impotence' (text
stolen from the Black Sun Cult Writeup).

Richard Develyn:

>For some reason, probably after looking at that rather empty looking
>map, I've thought of The Rubble as a place which is mostly open and
>empty. I'm not so sure now.

Most of it is open and empty because it was farmland. Nowadays these
places are mostly wild (save for those bits closest to human settlements).
Even then one would be bound to find a little bit of ruin every now
and then whether it be a boundary marker, a ruined shed or a country

The ruins come in several shapes and sizes. The best are mostly intact
(or restored) buildings whereas the worst can only be found with digging.
Most ruins are 'characterized by having broken walls, partial roofs and
floors, and will be generally uninhabitable by humans. With work, [they]
may be upgraded to [habitable buildings].' Big Rubble Gamemaster's
Guide p6.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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