Dryads in Danger!

From: ssunsbw@rgh.sa.gov.au
Date: Fri 13 Feb 1998 - 02:30:00 EET

Giles asks about wayward dryads.......

IMO dryads *are* found outside a full Aldryami ecology. In the same way as
10% of mundane animals are sapient/awakened (the fish worshippers of Zola
Fel etc from ROC? SC?), a proportion of plants and plant spirits should be
intelligent. Dryads already seem to be this - the intelligent conscious
physical manifestation of plant spirits. In this model there is a chance a
dryad will form wherever there is enough vegetation. Not every oasis,
sinkhole, watercourse, mountain etc (the places where vegetation is more
likely to be permanent in Prax/ROC) will have a dryad but some will. 1 in
every 10 seems a pretty good number. The dryads that are born in such
conditions will be wilder and more independent than their sisters in an
Aldryami ecology. They would probably not have any Aldrya divine magic, but
would have access to spirit magic known by the plant spirits of her home
area. As a spirit creature, your independent dryad could also gain other
magic from battles on the spirit plane. (It would also be pretty nifty if an
independent dryad learnt, won or stole divine magic from one of the local
worshipped spirits, such as Lightning Boy. Hmmm....look, that Dryad is
threatening to kill us if we don't stop chopping these bushes down and
leave.....*ZAP* .....we're leaving right now ma'am!)

Places were such dryads could be found include oasis's, along the Zola Fel,
at the feet of the Paps etc etc. I can't remember if Gloranthan dryads are
purely tree-spirit derived/dependent, but there may be a case for other
vegetation giving rise to them. Perhaps several kilometres of rushes along
the river provide enough spiritual impetus for a dryad to form. 10 square
kilometres of bush/chaparral?

Another option to consider is that an independent dryad, forming far from
normal Aldryami society, instinctively knows how to contact her mother and
can use the worship of the plant-spirits in her locale to gain access to
divine magic. If enough plants are present (and she leads them in worship),
she may be able to create a minor temple equivalent.

What's the orthodoxy rating on all that?




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