Re: What "The Rubble" looks like

From: Andrew Raphael (
Date: Fri 13 Feb 1998 - 02:03:09 EET

richard <> writes:

>For some reason, probably after looking at that rather empty looking
>map, I've thought of The Rubble as a place which is mostly open and
>empty. I'm not so sure now.

The city of Pavis included a lot of grazing land and open spaces inside
the walls, so those parts are open and empty. The built up areas are
around the gates and bridges. I suspect much of it looks a lot like
those towns in Afghanistan after the recent earthquake.

The Big Rubble box set said there were 3 classes of ruins. Class A are
almost entirely intact, Class B may have intact basements, and Class C

are just rubble. Class A ruins are mostly in defensible places: the
Troll lands, Mani's Fort, Real City.

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