Tolkein and Mr. Bean

From: Jeff Richard (
Date: Fri 13 Feb 1998 - 05:22:13 EET

Howdy -

My Aussie buddy (and designator of doomed kangaroos) Mr. Bean wrote:
>[Death to all pointy eared, infravision pisspot fairies i.e Tolkienisms,
in Glorantha]

To which the esteemed Allen Wallace replied:
>I think it is rude and innapropriate to trash on Tolkein's work because of
>the pathetic way a game designer who did a bad and unauthorized job of
>portraying them. Tolkein did an amazing job at creating an internally
>consistant and rich world. Most of modern high fantasy, including
>Glorantha, have at least had some inspiration from Middle Earth.

Agreed, Tolkein was an impressive writer, a remarkable linguist and a very
bizarre fellow. Glorantha and, indeed, much of modern literature owes a
debt to Tolkein, who was one of the many remarkably creative writers of the
first half of this century. Without Tolkein, it is unlikely that there
would be a "fantasy" genre - at least one with a wider popular appeal than
works like Blake's "Urizen" cycle (Book of Urizen, Book of Ahania, and the
Book of Los).

Still - I agree with Andrew's sentiment when it comes to the Aldryami.
 IMO, the closest thing to Tolkein's "elves" in Glorantha are the
Luathelans. Of course, I never did warm up to the elves when I read the
Hobbit or the LoRs. . .



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