Hrelar Amali

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Joerg Baumgartner.

>>>The Dangan confederacy collapsed around 160 ST, leaving ample room for
>>>Seshnegi entrepeneurs to establish themselves there only to be thrown
>>>out by the Dari confederation.

Me>>Surprisingly no mention of this is made in the Broken Council

>Nor is anything mentioned about the downfall of King Dan's realm.

Because it never collapsed. What is said in the BCG:

        'From Hrelar Amali, the very heart of the Confederation, came
        a man named Dari. In only ten years, he had united all of the
        tribes of lowland Ralios for the first time.'

This occurs around 255 ST, which implies that the Dangan confederation
remained in existance since it's contact by the World Council and that
it has existedaround Hrelar Amali. What happened to it is that it became
subsumed into the Dari Alliance, which united _all_ the lowland tribes.

[I said that the Seshnegi could have taken Hrelar Amali in the
first century. Joerg disagrees citing Basmoli in Arolanit and

>>One can expand into Safelster without bothering to subdue Arolanit
>>or Nolos. This appears to be the path of expansion favoured by
>>King Guilmarn and King Ulianus III (although he may have controlled

>One can only expand when one is secure in one's position.

Nonsense. The Romans advanced into Spain and Macedon during the
Second Punic War at a time when they had Hannibal running around
in the Italian Pennisular.

The Athenians invaded Sicily when they had hostile neighbours
(The Peloponesian League) on their doorstep.

Heraclius had the Persians besieging Byzantium. He landed an
army in eastern Asia Minor and soon after expelled the Persians
from Asia Minor, Egypt and Syria.

>Ailor was known as Avalalsland in the first
>Age, and included much of Jorestl's Forest, and before the Dawn also the
>original landgrant of Froalar around Frowal - this kingdom voluntarily
>joined the Kingdom of Seshnela around 60 ST. Jorilland occupied the western
>half of the Duchy of Nolos, whereas Kaanilland occupied the land north of
>Nolos and east of the river of Laurmal; there was no middle way through
>these kingdoms into the Tanier Valley.

Given that Joerg has already mentioned a Kingdom voluntarily joining
the Seshnegi, I do not believe that these Basmoli states were
unremittingly hostile to the Seshnegi especially since they have been
recognized by Seshna Likita. Indeed some states may have been allied
with the Seshnegi against the Basmoli.

>>>The NHW still may have allowed "temples" where specialized wizards had
>>>better chances to coerce appropriate otherworld beings.

Me>>In which case they would have torn down the Temples to Flamal and
>>Xentha there. But they simply added Temples to Orlanth and Magasta

>Why would anyone tear down a temple to Flamal, which can be exploited for
>fertility magics, or a temple to Xentha with whose magics the powers of
>Yelm/Ehilm can be countered (powers quite often commanded by wizards,
>possibly including enemy wizards)?

Why would the Spaniards want to halt sacrifices to Xipec Tlaloc, our
Lord of Flayed Skins who could have been exploited as a fertility god?

You forget these people are religious zealots and they have been
closing down pagan temples in their own home. For them to junk this
habit when encountering a foreign temple that might be useful to them
is farfetched IMO.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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