Weather in Eastern Prax

From: Jose Ramos (
Date: Thu 12 Feb 1998 - 16:47:35 EET

        Joerg proposes that western Prax resembles the Spanish interior.
Well, although I agree with it in principle (dry winter and summer with
strong seasonal rains in autumn, very hot in summer and very cold in
winter), I have to disagree with the plants. In Spain the interior was
wooded, mainly different oaks and cork oak with little underbrush. No olives
(too cold). Centuries of shipbuilding and goat and sheep grazing have left a
steppe fit only for wheat and other grains.

        So I propose the Knight Fort colonists are mostly herders (pig, goat
and sheep) with small plots by the streamside to grow vegetables. Most of

the original trees, who survived the Great Darkness burning of Prax have
been cut by the nomads (valuable in the plains) or by the settlers to build
cabins and palisades.

        So some cork oaks survive, harvested every eightth year (and even
the nomads know the value of this trees, to avoid cutting them), and the
acorns are useful as food for the pigs. Sheep and goats roam abroad.

        If not for the lack of snow in winter (even if temperatures are
below freezing for weeks) and the clear days, similar to many orlanthi anywhere.

        The wind, the strong eastern wind will be a strong presence in myth.

        Just IMHO,



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