Arkati in Jrustela?

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Fri 13 Feb 1998 - 08:53:15 EET

Joerg Baumgartner:

(Claims that Arkati missionaries or settlers could have reached Jrustela)

>>How would they get from Ralios to Jrustela? The Seshnegi are hostile
>>to Arkat and the Slontans remember (whether they were Orlanthi or
>>Malkion) that Arkat betrayed them to become a Troll.

>So do the Ralians. The very fact that the Seshnegi and Loskalmi found it
>necessary to hold a council against the Stygian creed in 454 shows that this
>creed had found its way into their territory. And, since the Stygians were
>suppressed in Gerlant's territory afterwards, couldn't some of them have
>taken refuge in the Jrusteli colonies rather than among Ralian foreigners?

Not really. When Arkat conquered Ralios, he placed his own henchmen
in charge there. When he was captured, the Ralians invaded Seshnela,
which was internally divided as there were some Arkati within Seshnela
at the time. The Ralians had to return home after an army led by
Anirestyu issued from Kartolin and began ravaging Ralios. (Source for
all this BTW is the 'Who was Gbaji' essays in Lords of Terror.) There-
upon the Seshnegi would have IMO begun a purge of the Arkati in Seshnela.

So where would these refugees go? To Jrustela (who are friendly towards
the Seshnegi) or to Ralios where their sorely pressed brothers-in-arms
are? Furthermore to go to Jrustela at this point would require passage
via Seshnegi ships and ports. Thus by the time Arkat had returned in
425 ST, Ralios and Seshnela would have been bitter enemies. And when
Arkat sets up the Dark Empire, his henchmen will be among his strongest

I do not believe that Loskalm was penetrated by Arkati to any great
extent and the condemnation of the Sygian Creed (remembering of course
the caveats due to records being destroyed during the fall of the God
Learner Empire) could have simply been a decree anathemizing an enemy
nation (that didn't bother to show up at the council). A diplomatic
shot across the bows so to speak.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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