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Thanks to one and all for your replies.

A couple of things I would like to add:

The importance of the flat clear glass techniques developed in the mid
to late 17th century was that they enabled *really* flat glass to be
made. The prime importance of being able to produce big flat mirrors
back then was, curiously enough, vanity. Louis the whatever (the Sun
King) pushed the technology forward when he commissioned his Hall of
Mirrors in Versaille. Those dandies wanted to look at themselves from
all sorts of different angles, and they needed mirrors that weren't
going to show them twisted and distorted (even a little bit). These big
mirrors were also wanted to help light up these enourmous halls.

I don't believe metal mirrors were much use beyond the hand mirror

Bottle glass windows are the sort where you blow glass against a flat
surface - as a couple of people described. It's sort of flat - and I
believe has a characteristic bobbly bit in the middle.

Clear glass was developed out of the need to move from charcoal smelting
to coal smelting. This happened in the mid 1600s again when there was a
lack of wood (it was all being requisitioned by the navy to build
ships). Moving to coal smelting meant using covered pots to hold your
glass in (to stop the coal impurities getting in). That meant you
couldn't stir it, which meant you had to develop a better mixture for
your glass. This was how flint glass was born, which was clearer,
another sort (clearer still) followed (but I can't remember what it

There is a shortage of wood in Glorantha, so charcoal smelting probably
doesn't happen. Coal smelting would have followed the path above, but

smelting using magical fires could cause all sorts of things.

Sextants, BTW, are useful in map making too.

Incidentally, my reason for asking about this is that I'm designing the
ancient Zola Fel temple in the rubble for my campaign. I was wondering
whether windows could be used to allow the "fish" priests to look in on
the non-fish activities (a sort of reverse Sea Life Center). Bottle
glass would be fine, though you would want it as transparent as
possible. It would need to be re-inforced if it was going to be deep.


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