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Pasanen Panu wondered

> Are seas of Glorantha salty?

According to Greg Stafford: "Saltwater bodies are either oceans or seas."

Peter Metcalfe wrote

> I think Alakoring started the Cult of Orlanth Rex against the excesses
> of the EWF and I don't think he knew much about Maklamann or cared. He
> was East Ralian and they hate hate *hate* Arkat the last time I heard.

The hatred of Arkat is from the various East Ralios GMs (myself included),
but Maklaman is an Otkorioni (according to Broken Council Guidebook) and
thus not from East Ralios. However, I'm not aware of any sources that
detail where Alakoring is from. I have of course fallen prey to the "famous
character syndrome" and he's from East Ralios in my campaign (possibly

I'm not quite sure of the chronology, but I suspect that during the Second
Age, the cult of Humath had been tarred by association to Arkat, and had
completely died out in East Ralios. So there would be even less reason to
know of Maklaman. (As opposed to the tragic heroes whom Arkat betrayed, no
doubt remembered in sad sagas.)

> IIRC a university in
> Umathela had graduated about 50,000 God Learners before it was
> destroyed.

Yup, the university at Newfroswal "graduated fifty thousand fully-qualified
God Learner heroquesters before its destruction." That's probably over a
three century period, but still a sizeable graduating class of over
150/year. I'd be tempted to argue that the number's exaggerated, but even
15 "fully-qualified" heroquesters per year is enough to stock several
campaigns worth of power gamers.

> AFAIK The God Learner Secret is not creative heroquesting

I don't see how it could be, given that the Secret is now impossible, but
creative questing is still possible.

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