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From: Vesa Lehtinen (akuleh@sci.fi)
Date: Fri 13 Feb 1998 - 22:31:42 EET

Mr Bean says something like this
>[Death to all pointy eared, infravision pisspot fairies i.e Tolkienisms,
>in Glorantha]
        Errr... Tolkien's elves were not pointy-eared, more like Aryan ideals or
something and Tolkien did not use infravision, either. That would be
Gygaxisms, more like it, as Allen Wallace points out:

>I think it is rude and innapropriate to trash on Tolkein's work because of
>the pathetic way a game designer who did a bad and unauthorized job of
>portraying them.
        IMO Tolkien did a very good job indeed. It is the majority of the modern
fantasy "writers" (maybe 75% of them) who have no original ideas to speak
of and plagiarize him - Gygax including. Although he reputedly borrowed the
"magic system" from Jack Vance. I have been told that Guy Gavriel Kay
complained once that most fantasy writers do not bother study folklore -
they read Lord of the Rings and rewrite it. I agree.
        I stop ranting here because this is not a proper place for that...

        Another thing; Oliver D. Bernuetz's bit on pregnancy should be useful no
matter what background you use. Thought I admit that we males cannot really
know zilch about pregnancy...

        Couple of odd bits.
        About 4 years ago I was given a copy of an article called "Trade in
Genertela" supposedly salvaged from one of the RQ-related digests. It was
rather extensively and useful. Unfortunately, I have lost the name of the
original writer. Any information ?

        Same source claimed me that there is, somewhere, an extensive text about
the supposed abilities of trollkin values. So far this has eluded me. Does
it exists (still I have my suspicisions).
        It seems I still cannot access archives...

        Vesa "Aku" Lehtinen


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