Salty Waters

From: Adam Betteridge (
Date: Sat 14 Feb 1998 - 00:11:00 EET

> Are seas of Glorantha salty? As all rivers originate from the same
> mystical body of water, I believe they aren't.

No I believe that the sea is salty as there should be a definate difference
between the rivers and sea. Also it allows for more play oppurtunities,
Imagine your players out at sea when some madman on board destroys all the
fresh water, then just when despair is at it's lowest an Island appears on
the horizon, if you ever want the players to go exploring, lack of water has
got to be an incentive.

> And we know that salt is poisonous in Glorantha, for they poison elven
weeds in
> Pamaltela with it. What do you think?

If salt is poisonous, then why do the Lunars in Pavis, and Sun Domers mine
it? Salt is poisonous to plants yes, in large amounts. Also historically
it has a great mythical aspect. The Romans after destroying Carthage sowed
it's lands with salt so nothing would grow. To the average Gloranthan salt
is used in cooking/preserving food (Salt Fish).

CHeers Adam B.


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