Re: Seas of Glorantha

Date: Fri 13 Feb 1998 - 19:56:42 EET


<< Are seas of Glorantha salty?>>

     Yes. This is confirmed in a number of places in print. Greg's article
'The Oceans of Glorantha' in TotRM #10 seems a good place to start.

<< As all rivers originate from the same mystical body of water, I believe
they aren't.>>

     The rivers and lakes, are, as in our world, fresh. The sea is salty, so
far as I can tell, for the same reason as in our world. Water evaporates from
the sea and that's what makes the rivers, which are fresh for the same reason
as in our world.
     The practical difference between the Gloranthan water cycle and our own
is the presence of Magasta's Pool, through which the oceans drain like a giant
plughole. As I understand it, this water re-enters the world via Sramak's
Ocean rather than via the rivers, so there's no reason why the rivers can't be
fresh while the seas are salty.

<<And we know that salt is poisonous in Glorantha, for they poison elven weeds
 Pamaltela with it.>>

     Salt, along with every other substance in existence, is also poisonous in
our world. To quote Paracelsus: "All substances are poisonous. All substances
are not poisonous. All that matters is the dose."
     I believe it takes quite a lot of salt to kill off plants, but I
understand that it does work.

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