Alakoring and wood

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Date: Sat 14 Feb 1998 - 03:58:25 EET

Richard Develyn:

>There is a shortage of wood in Glorantha, so charcoal smelting probably
>doesn't happen.

What makes you say this? Not every wood is full of Aldryami.

David Dunham:

>> I think Alakoring started the Cult of Orlanth Rex against the excesses
>> of the EWF and I don't think he knew much about Maklamann or cared. He
>> was East Ralian and they hate hate *hate* Arkat the last time I heard.

>The hatred of Arkat is from the various East Ralios GMs (myself included),
>but Maklaman is an Otkorioni (according to Broken Council Guidebook) and
>thus not from East Ralios.

The 'He was East Ralian' referred to Alakoring rather than Maklamann.
Sorry for any confusion. And the hatred of East Ralians for Arkat
is canonical IMO in light of:

        '[Nysalor's] rule spread peace and prosperity across the
        whole realm. Peloria and eastern Ralios fondly remember
        the period as the Good God's Time. [...] Everything
        disappeared as was prophesied, when the god was killed,
        leaving only vague nostalgia and deep-rooted resentment
        against the killer.'
                                Glorantha Book p18.

>However, I'm not aware of any sources that
>detail where Alakoring is from. I have of course fallen prey to the
>"famous character syndrome" and he's from East Ralios in my campaign
>(possibly Saug).

        [Alakoring] was born in Ralios in the Kingdom of Halikiv, and
        was in the army that flew over the Rockwoods to fight the Empire
        of the Wyrms Friends.

                Wyrms Footprints p80

The name Halikiv is problematic in light of the fact that it's also
a Troll Queendom. However since Corolaland was also inhabited by
Harmast Barefoot at one point in time, this is not a fatal objection.

>I'm not quite sure of the chronology, but I suspect that during the
>Second Age, the cult of Humath had been tarred by association to Arkat,
>and had completely died out in East Ralios. So there would be even less
>reason to know of Maklaman. (As opposed to the tragic heroes whom Arkat
>betrayed, no doubt remembered in sad sagas.)

I agree but in light of the fact that virtually nothing is known
about Aringor Darstalsson and Narnarra the Greater apart from a
single para. in KoS (and a suspicion that Narnarra reneged on
Aringor) or even a coherent picture of the EWF's activites in
Ralios, I think 2nd age Ralian history may hold a few surprises.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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