Re: Harmast in Corolaland

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Sat 14 Feb 1998 - 13:58:41 EET

Peter writes:

> Corolaland was also inhabited by Harmast Barefoot at one point
> in time...

"Visited" might be a better word than "inhabited". I believe it was
a stepping-point on one of his Westfarings, never a residence.

I agree that the "Halikiv" mention re: Alakoring is problematical.
Greg probably had few if any Ralian place-names on his maps at the
time, FWIW, and was to some degree clutching at straws.

Joerg writes:

> No doubt the records of mythic paths, and the techniques to deal
> with Darkness and Barbarian myths would have helped the Jrusteli
> greatly. Imagine the Lunars get these...

We have them. We have had them for centuries. Why do you think the
Sylilans and Tarshites, the Blue Moon and other Trolls joined us so
readily? The myth of the Goddess will benefit *all* of the world.



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