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Date: Sat 14 Feb 1998 - 21:09:34 EET


> Yes, the oceans of Glorantha are salty. All water on Earth is
> ultimately connected into one huge cycle, same as in Glorantha.

 But RW rivers did not once flow from the seas to the mountains,
 which left me wonder if for ex. Syphon river was salty.

> Salt is not any more poisonous in Glorantha than Earth. Excess
> salt will destroy plants on Earth (try salting your garden, and see what
> happens), which is why the Pamaltelans use it to kill elven weeds.

 I knew this, and this made me wonder. As Syphon is a major river,
 and in populated Heortland... they sure want lots of usable water

 Oliver Bernuetz:

> Why the Seas are Salt (a merfolk myth)

 This is just the kind of answer I wanted! Thanks. Glad that there is
 no Salt Chaos God, that would generate too much MGF / ridiculousness.

 Peter Metcalfe:

> As for rivers getting originating from the same 'source', I prefer
> to believe that normal geological activities are taking place. FWIW

 I was referring to the mythical times.. and 'all waters rushing to the

 Thanks also to David Dunham for his comment.

 Panu Pasanen.


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