Re: Fall of the Silver Empire

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sat 14 Feb 1998 - 22:40:00 EET

Peter Metcalfe

>>>I find it difficult to believe that hearing news
>>>of the Empire's destruction, that the various lords of Fronela would
>>>wait 45 years before making power grabs. Even the Tarshites didn't
>>>wait that long!

>>But you have to admit that 45 years of war for power is not that unusual. I
>>just need to look at the history of the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation...

>What is the difference between making war and making war for 'purposes
>of political integration'?

IMO the wars first started a process of political disintegration. Ethnic
groups and local leaders striving to regain their lost sovereignty, and then
to suppress their neighbours who did the same. Think of Bosnia.

>To say that efforts at political integration
>did not occur for another 45 years _after_ the fall of the Silver Empire,
>implies that they were all sitting on their arses during that time. Which
>sounds odd. Political integration implies _conquest_ as well as peaceful

Again, look at the situation in Bosnia. Even with outside intervention (the
EU acting like a benevolent 2nd Council actively furthering peace) there is
no real move to political integration. Most parties in the conflict are just
interested to secure their own power bases and cut down those of their

>>>No mention of [the fall of the Silver Empire] in the Broken Council

>>Unsurprisingly, after all Fronela offers lots of trouble through the Tawari
>>and other beast-related barbarians (of similar sophistication as the
>>Heortlings, from the looks of Entekosiad's Bisos epic).

>The Silver Empire is not limited to Fronela. It covers Seshnela and
>one would expect its recent fall to be at least mentioned.

Note that the Broken Council freeform starts in the year 355. The Silver
Empire might have existed this long, and faltered soon afterwards. Fact is
that by the time Arkat and his allies enter Seshnela, it is a shambles of
city states with established enmities.


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