Cactus Elves; Stephen Martin Apologises

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G'day all,

Cactus Elves

Philip Hibbs writes:

>I never thought of Prax as a cactus place - does it have any? I proposed
>cactus elves should be a Pamaltelan phenomena during the last big elves
>subject, MOB made a Note from Notched out of it. Anyone still got it? I
>lost it.

And so, it appears, have I (my archive of GD's usually only goes back a
hundred or so before I clear 'em out). I'd also appreciate it if someone
could post the Note Phil Notched again, as I making a collection of them
all and this one seems to have slipped through my fingers!

Stephen Martin Apologises

BTW, I just thought I'd better let everyone know that Stephen Martin has,
after a couple of emails back and forth, apologised to me (privately) for
his public accusation of plagiarism in V5 #384:

>OK, this is going to sound like I'm being petty, and maybe it is (though
>it is not intended to be), but the idea of multiple Moonsons goes back a
>wee bit farther than MOB or Nick could possibly be responsible for...

If Stephen had spent the time reading my post with the same alacrity with
which he hastily responded to it, he would have understood that I was NOT
referring to the 1976 notion of "multiple Moonsons", but the NEW concept
that (post-Sheng) the Moonsons are actually different *individuals*, with
personalities, appearances and policies of their own. This was the change
in Greg's thinking that Nick, Chris and I helped foster a few years back,
which has led to such fruitful additions to the Gloranthan corpus as Tales
#16, the Red Emperor Cult, The Glamour Book, seminar transcripts, Greg's
Lunar Book material, the "Life of Moonson" LARP, etc.

If you recall, my post - "Wellsprings of Inspiration" in V5 #377 - was all
about how we (the fans) should feel free to make things up for Glorantha
and that these ideas could even become part of Generally Accepted
Glorantha. Why Stephen concluded I would use as my example of this a
concept extant for over 20 years is beyond me, particularly when he of all
people should know that there has recently been a radical rethink in the
way Greg views the Red Emperor.

I don't take kindly to being wrongly accused of ripping off someone else's
ideas, just as Stephen didn't take kindly to when I inaccurately identified
him as a "non-gamer" in v5 #308. I guess the difference is I acknowledged
I was wrong *in public* virtually straightaway (v5 #310), while Stephen's
apology has eventually turned up in private email (and appeared to come as
an afterthought following the usual screed of qualified justifications and
tendentious reiterations that seems to be becoming his speciality).

Stephen might be pathologically fixated with preserving (ie. in aspic)
Glorantha's past; I like to think I'm one of those actively contributing to
the future, and making the lozenge a more interesting place to explore and
game in. We all gratefully derive inspiration from Stafford, but I wish
that Stephen could bring himself to admit that other people *are* sometimes
capable of writing original material of their own which doesn't have as its
basis some out-of-print tome or obscure scrap from Stafford's wastepaper
basket that only he has read in the past 20 years.

Sorry to have taken up so much of everyone's time. While I think Stephen's
accusation is fairly trivial (or shall we say "petty"), it nevertheless
stands on the record, and I want his retraction to do so as well, even if
he made it to me alone.

Since my clarification in V5 #388, Stephen has had;

  - ample time (30 Digests);

  - plenty of opportunity (some dozen posts from him have appeared in the
    Digest since); and

  - several promptings (not just from me: I guess that's what Nick's
    disclaimer in V5 #416 was all about)

to publically apologise for this slur. Shit, all he had to bring himself
to say was something simple like, "Oh, sorry MOB, now understand the
example you gave, sorry I misunderstood your initial post!".

*I* apologise in advance if something from Stephen along these lines
appears contemporaneously with this message.

Back to the fun stuff, I say!


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