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Date: Sun 15 Feb 1998 - 08:25:51 EET

>[Claims that the Dangan Confederacy collapsed around 160 ST which allowed
>the Seshnegi to conquer it afterwards and set up the temples to Orlanth
>and Magasta (cf JC) there. I counter-claim that they would have done so
>in the days of the Serpent Kings for no such conquest in mentioned in the
>BCG and post-Serpent King Seshnela was anti-pagan.]

I looked through some of my old Broken Council / First Age Ralios
notes and came up with the following, from discussion with Greg &
research through files at the time:

* Foundation of Dangan Confederation around Hrelar Amali. This is a
religious organization, not a political one, but it helps unite the
peoples of the land. I suspect this is early First Age, but it would
make a nice surviving-the-darkness myth if earlier.

* Weaking of Dangan Confederation. Begins after the 130 S.T. contact
by the World Council. The religious ideas of the Dangan Confederation
are very slowly replaced by councilic ideas.

* Early Western Invasions. The Enerali of Ralios and the people of
Tanisor have slowly been becoming increasingly adverserial from about
84 S.T. (before that the Enerali helped the Tanisorians against the
Pendali). This leads to invasions of Fornaor by the Tanisorians (172
S.T.) and the Seshnegi! (197 S.T.). There's a civil war in Tanisor
that the Enerali are involved in, then another Tanisorian invasion of
Fornaor (247 S.T.)

* The First Dari Alliance. A true politic alliance begins to form in
Ralios as a result. There's probably a lot of Councilic ideas going
into this too. The Dangan Confederation is still alive at this period,
but very weak. This period starts in 255 S.T. There's a nasty Seshnegi
invasion in 257 S.T. (Utonia and Naskorian this time) but starting in
282 S.T. Dari begins to turn the tables, invading Tanisor and even
Seshnela. In 294 S.T. Dari "liberates" Tanisor and all is well and

* Disaster. Then in 305 S.T. Prince Keridonos of Seshnela gets uppity
and leads an assault on Dari in Fornaor. The climatic battle occurs in
307 S.T. when Dari and Keridonos battle and are both slain. The Dari
Alliance dissolves shortly thereafter. And, GETTING TO THE POINT, it's
somewhere in this two year period that Hrelar Amali is destroyed.

* And then... There's the Second Dari Alliance in 350 S.T., aka the
Sons of Dari, and then the rumor that Dari, who was Dan reborn, has
been reborn again, this time as a (hated) Zebra Hsunchen. But that's
another story.

What that says about the Serpent Kings and the Silver Empire I have no



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