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From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Sun 15 Feb 1998 - 10:48:35 EET

Jane Williams asks (of Paul Stolar, from context):
> Are you saying that CAist only need one point, no matter what the
> species? If so, could you point me at a reference for that, please?

IIRC, it's not in RQ3, but there was a rule of that sort for Xenohealing,
which as you say was the RQ2 means to essentially the same end.

> Whereas the Varmandi clan probably need Heal 4 to
> have any effect on a Sartarite of another clan?)

Eep! That may be going a tad far, as the Varmandi likely don't _get_
Heal 4.

Stephen Martin notes that Gim Gim is:
> A Lunar secret policeman, _apparently_ human. [emphasis mine]

Obviously a "third ball" reference. ;-) Chaos Feature, Extra Bodily
Particle, anyone?

peter metcalfe neatly summarises, in answer to Lee R. Insley's query:
> >Also, do you (or
> >anyone) know what the Lunar origin story is for the use of hoplites? I
> >would be interested to hear it.

> The Dara Happans claim that the phalanx was invented by the Great
> Emperor Urvairinus when he sought to protect his folk against the
> savage Ram People. The Pelandans of the Oronin Valley OTOH claim
> that their war god Daxdarius invented the phalanx.

And therefore the "Lunars" will generally nod sagely, and say something
like "Both are equally correct". (Anyone who's seen and heard The Greggly
One (Peace and a Healthy Cash Flow be Upon Him) do likewise will surely
know what I mean.)

Jeff Richard reminisces fondly about The War:
> I've often thought of Sheng Seleris as Adolf Hitler and his
> nomads as the Nazi occupiers

 -- I'm sure there's a Hun pun in there someplace --

> - making the War Against Sheng the Great Patriotic War of the Lunar Empire.

Trade almost-all-of-Peloria for about-a-wane-and-a-half? Even the
Soviets might have baulked at that one...



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