Magic and Agriculture in Glorantha

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Date: Sun 15 Feb 1998 - 12:09:34 EET

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Joerg Baumgartner in Digest #421 :

> IMO most of Pent and the northern Wastes has rich loess soil - both
> from "recent" input from Valind's glacier during the late Storm Age > and continuing through history after the chaotic interglacial of the
> Greater Darkness, and from Genert's influence.

Though this may be right (I don't know and then I don't care) I thought
that agriculture in Glorantha among the non-sorcery-using populace is
highly dependent on Grain/Earth Goddesses. And since there is no real
Grain Goddess for Prax the land cannot support the type of agriculture
other can. Yes there is Eiritha but she is primary the Cow Mother, isn't
she ? As far as I know this is because Genert is dead and so is partly
the land or the power of the land.

Magic as I see it in RQ3 is devided in three groups. Sorcery looks like
it is knowledge and skill oriented, which I like and can understand.
However I have my problems with divine and spirit magic. I cannot
understand the how the spirit magic works and why it is based on POW and

what MP are. The same does apply for divine magic. Having written quite
a lot of Telmori stories I came to the point that RQ3 magic (not
including sorcery) isn't Gloranthan. It feels so wrong (at least to me)
when someone who has cast his Bladesharp and failed goes for it in the
next round again. I think Divine Magic aswell as Spirit Magic are not
thought to be skills by the people who use it. I think that they are
more like blessing granted when the need arises or sometimes denied. Who
grants them, you ask ? Either Gods (divine) or friendly spirits. And if
the a spell is failed it can't be cast again because the entity who has
it doesn't want to. You should be friendy to your spirit allies and
pious to your god else your magic will become very weak. I don't know
how a mechanic should look like and then this is more a theme for the
Ruled Digest. Anyone thinks like me (Michael Raaterova, perhaps) ?

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