Salt in the Syphon River

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sun 15 Feb 1998 - 13:48:00 EET

Panu Pasanen
> But RW rivers did not once flow from the seas to the mountains,
> which left me wonder if for ex. Syphon river was salty.

I suppose that the Syphon is brackish. It collects its waters from the
Choralinthor Bay, which is fed by three very major rivers: Creek-Stream
River (with all the wealth of fresh water from Skyfall Lake plus Heler's
blessing across eastern Dragon Pass) and the two rivers draining Esrolia,
Ditaliland, and the eastern half of Arstola (almost a temperate rain forest

> As Syphon is a major river,
> and in populated Heortland... they sure want lots of usable water
> there.

The Syphon Valley is less densely settled than most other parts of the
Heortland Plateau IMG. One reason for this might be the lack of fresh river
water, although rain-rich Heortland sure can make do with lesser streams and
cisterns for fresh water - and the cattle sure would like this liquid salt lick!

The main reason why the upper Syphon valley is less settled than the rest is
the "chaos waste" factor: if there is a chaotic outbreak, most of the time
it will be out of the Footprint along the river. Thus I imagine that the
land there will mostly be used as pasture rather than under the plow - in
Dark Season, when the scorpionfolk spawn, you take your herds back into the
safety of the steads anyway.

> I was referring to the mythical times.. and 'all waters rushing to the
> lands'.

I am still curious how Godtime riverine deposits would have looked like...


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