Alakoring, Syphon River

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Date: Sun 15 Feb 1998 - 23:05:54 EET

Nick Brooke:
>I agree that the "Halikiv" mention re: Alakoring is problematical.
>Greg probably had few if any Ralian place-names on his maps at the
>time, FWIW, and was to some degree clutching at straws.

Although I don't think it is likely, another possible explanation is that
the trolls of Halikiv were more firmly allied with the EWF than were
their kin in Dagori Inkarth and the Elder Wilds. The area surrounding
Halikiv might have been designated by the EWF as the Kingdom of Halikiv,
which could have included both Halikiv proper and the surrounding human
tribes who had accepted the Dragon Magics.

Somewhat off-topic, I had forgotten that Alakoring features briefly in
the myth of Castle Blue in King of Sartar -- he is supping at Castle Blue
when the first Scarlet Warlord comes to enact vengeance against the
inhabitants for the death of some Lunar spies there. Alakoring wishes he
could kill him, and the fact that he is allowed to is taken as proof that
the Compromise has been broken. The relevant passage is on page 97.

Seems a kind of strange place and role for Alakoring, though given the
later Dragonized destruction of the Red Moon, understandable that it
would have been included in a book such as King of Sartar.

Nick again:
Joerg>> No doubt the records of mythic paths, and the techniques to deal
>> with Darkness and Barbarian myths would have helped the Jrusteli
>> greatly. Imagine the Lunars get these...

>We have them. We have had them for centuries. Why do you think the
>Sylilans and Tarshites, the Blue Moon and other Trolls joined us so
>readily? The myth of the Goddess will benefit *all* of the world.

Indeed, the possibility that the Lunars _might_ have some of the God
Learner records or techniques is IMO one of their greatest sins from the
point of view of the rest of the world.

> I knew this, and this made me wonder. As Syphon is a major river,
> and in populated Heortland... they sure want lots of usable water
> there.

It is my understanding that the Syphon River in Heortland is viewed as
chaotic, because it flows up from the sea rather than down to it. I would

think that it being a salt water river would be wonderfully appropriate
given the extreme fear and hatred which it would be viewed. It needn't
even be necessarily chaotic -- the fact that it is undrinkable water in a
river might just be enough for the local Orlanthi to label it as such.
Well, now that I think about it, the presence of Uroxi tends to ensure
that things are not mislabeled as chaos too often, so perhaps it is

merely seen as chaos-influenced, not as chaotic itself (like trollkin,
for example).

Stephen Martin
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