Hrelar Amali.

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Sun 15 Feb 1998 - 23:35:33 EET

Shannon Appel:

Me>>[Claims that the Dangan Confederacy collapsed around 160 ST which allowed
>>the Seshnegi to conquer it afterwards and set up the temples to Orlanth
>>and Magasta (cf JC) there. I counter-claim that they would have done so
>>in the days of the Serpent Kings for no such conquest in mentioned in the
>>BCG and post-Serpent King Seshnela was anti-pagan.]

>I looked through some of my old Broken Council / First Age Ralios
>notes and came up with the following, from discussion with Greg &
>research through files at the time:

>* Early Western Invasions. The Enerali of Ralios and the people of
>Tanisor have slowly been becoming increasingly adverserial from about
>84 S.T. (before that the Enerali helped the Tanisorians against the
>Pendali). This leads to invasions of Fornaor by the Tanisorians (172
>S.T.) and the Seshnegi! (197 S.T.). There's a civil war in Tanisor
>that the Enerali are involved in, then another Tanisorian invasion of
>Fornaor (247 S.T.)

Ah-hah! So the Seshnegi and Tanisorans were capable of invasions
in _between_ the fall of the Serpent Kings and the True Hrestol
Way. Why didn't I think of that before?

<exits stage left while slapping forehead and kicking self simultaneously>

- --Peter Metcaklfe


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