Chalana Arroy

From: Jeff Richard (
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 02:49:56 EET

Alex, the "Renewer of Old Conversation" responds to Jane Williams' comment:
JW> Whereas the Varmandi clan probably need Heal 4 to
> have any effect on a Sartarite of another clan?)
AF>Eep! That may be going a tad far, as the Varmandi likely don't _get_
>Heal 4.

Even though I use PenDragon Pass mechanics, I suspect that a War Clan has
less access to Healing magic than a regular clan or a Peace Clan. In my
own Taming of Dragon Pass campaign, there is a wise gyda who occasionally
makes offerings to Chalana Arroy and is on the clan ring. However, I don't
think the clan itself gets much blessings from CA, given that the Varmandi
have fairly consistently been a War Clan - with the enthusiastic support of
the ranking Earth priestess, if I recall.

I don't think that someone genuinely initiated into CA needs Heal 4 to have
any effect on members of other clans - if anything, the cult of CA is one

of the very few Orlanthi institutions that is not myopically fixated upon
the bloodline-clan-tribe principle of social organisation. Then again,
there is a verse about Chalana Arroy:

Lament the burden of the White Lady,
For she is loved by all, but trusted by none.



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