God Learning

From: David Cake (davidc@cyllene.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 06:55:20 EET

>AFAIK The God Learner Secret is not creative heroquesting and was never
>said by me to be dependant on creative heroquesting.

        The RuneQuest Sight greatly facilitates creative heroquesting,
though. What the exact relationship between the RuneQuest Sight and the God
Learner Secret is, I can't say, not being privy to that notorious secret.

        But I definately agree that the God Learner secret is NOT creative
heroquesting, but something else, possibly something they discovered with
the RuneQuest Sight.
        The God Learners also had the God Learning ritual, described in
Wyrms Footnotes, which allowed them to relatively easily discover all sorts
of information that they could later use int heir creative herouesting.

>IMO the solution lies in divorcing the image of the God Learner
>Heroquester from the powergaming Super-rq model. IMO they are
>more akin to qualified technicians keeping the magical economy
>and the monomyth going.

        Well said. Most of the God Learners probably thought of themselves
as good guys. Many of them probably deplored the actions of a few
extremists who swapped goddesses or skinned the golden lions or whatever,
much as many of us deplore French nuclear tests. The problem is that no
matter how reasonable the majority of God Learners might be, their
knowledge makes the dangerous actions possible - and given a wide enough
dissemination of those techniques, and a lack of central control (the God
Learner techniques where spread to many political entities besides the
Jrusteli Empire) its inevitable that those techniques would be misused.


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