Baths of Nick.

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 09:40:30 EET

Nick Brooke, recently mistaken for the Fire of Justice:
> [...] in the northern hemisphere at least, [ and at most ;-) -- A. ]
> we've just passed Midwinter (Fireday of Illusion Week in Dark Season)
> and have a quarter-year to go before Sacred Time at the Spring Equinox.

Personally, I can't rid myself of the thought that in Solar Cultures
(such as Western Europe and Dara Happa) it makes more sense to have
Sacred Time, or the local equivalent, at the winter periyelm. (OK
solstice, if you _insist_ on non-Gloranthisms...)

Greg, though, can.

Andrew Raphael states:
> The Big Rubble box set said there were 3 classes of ruins. Class A are
> almost entirely intact, Class B may have intact basements [...]

Hence the old joke about Chaosium HQ (the old 950-A one, I think it was):
"Your basic Type B ruin."

Nick again, on self-abuse:
> (Can you say "Goldschlager"?)

Ash a rule, not wishout schlurrring.



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