Baths of Nelat.

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 09:39:14 EET

Andrew Joelson:
> [Orlanth] emerged with the necessary knowledge/data/inspiration to
> perform the LBQ.

Stephen Martin:
> Also, Orlanth's going to the Baths of Nelat has never, as far as I know,
> been directly related to the Lightbringers' Quest, not even by Harmast.

Let me confess first of all: the Orlanth/Bath/Nelat-Quest -- I'm not sure
what its usual title is, and nor can I recall if I've actually seen this
myth in print -- I'm presuming it is indeed the myth where Mastakos is
freed (or abducted) from Daliath's Well).

The connection is that the "Nelat Quest" indeed involves said Baths, and
having survived them before is explicitly linked to having any chance of
surviving the Flames of Ehilm in the Hall of the Dead section of the
quest. Both versions of the LBQ in KoS allude to this. Presumably
not to have done so would necessitate doing only a "less deep" version
of the quest, or finding a yet more cunning way of surviving the test.

So while certainly they aren't _in_ the same quest, one is just about a
precondition of the other. This is quite a common pattern from what
I understand, or at least it's certainly "general practice" to do certain
quests as perparation for particular others, which don't necessarily
have an a priori obvious link.



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